Monday, June 22, 2009

Spared because of Lucy.

I never ceased to be amazed at how God works. His ways are definitely not my ways. He uses things that I'd never think were usable.

Today I had to go to the bank and stopped to window shop on the way home. Then, I got on the train...going the wrong direction. When I realized I wouldn't make it home before Tony had to leave for work, I got off the train to call him since cell phones don't work in the subways. Then, I got back on the train and went to the store to meet him (he works retail when he's not in class). After hanging out there for a while, I realized it was almost 5pm and that I really did need to get home.

Hold your thought there and let me explain about Lucy before we continue.

Lucy is a dachshund. She has been with me for about 7 years. When we got her, she was advertised to us as being a black and tan mini dachshund. In reality, she is an all black standard dachshund. It just goes to show that you can never believe everything you read on the internet (ha ha). Because she is so sweet and so unusual, we are always approached by people wanting to pet her. She does love to greet her public, too, so these sessions often take time. Sigh.

I was at the station elevator and had pressed the button to call it. A woman and her daughter approached me to pet Lucy so I didn't get on the elevator when it came. I heard the train roar into and out of the station while Lucy was having her moment. I was so annoyed because I wanted to just get home. Of course I didn't act annoyed. That's not appropriate when someone is just trying to be friendly and nice.

I did get on the next train. We left the station and sat in the tunnel. I was, of course, sitting in the car behind the driver's compartment as it is usually the best place for my chair. I could hear frantic voices over the radio but was unsure what was going on. We just continued to sit but did eventually move. I transferred trains at the appropriate station and went on home.

My phone was ringing when I got home. My usually calm husband was trying to get in touch with me and could not get through on my cell. It wasn't until I talked to him that I realized the gravity of the accident.

We pieced together the timeline and realized that yes, indeed, I would have been on that train had someone not stopped to pet Lucy.

God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes he even uses a dog named Lucy.


  1. Yay Luceeeeee! Keep your mama safe! We love our Auntie Em.

    The Nebraska 6 pack