Saturday, July 11, 2009

Simply Wonderful

It's just after 2:30 on Sunday AM as I write this. I'm all wound up but need to go to bed. The weenie dog is here beside me sleeping peacefully and Tony is in the shower.

I took stock of my life today. God has been good to me. I have a wonderful apartment in a great city...the neighborhood could be a little safer, but I know that God is protecting me at all times...and I know how not to be take stupid chances or put myself in danger. We have a great church that we love and where we are loved and shepherded. Tony is doing well in seminary and has been able to work many extra hours this summer at his job that is part time during the school year. I am slowly making a new circle of friends but still missing my two best friends: one in NYC and one from childhood (Kindergarten, believe it or not) who now lives in Montgomery, Alabama. The visits are few and far between.

I do still need a job. I've got a great lead and am in process, so I won't talk about it too much here. Let's just say that it is tailor made for me.

We are living on a shoe string, but our bills are paid. We are eating...mostly hamburger instead of fillet mignon, but it is nutritious.

We have had many cheap, if not free, dates this Summer because there is always something to do or see here in DC.

We have a life without drama. No family drama, no work drama, no school drama. It's wonderful.

We're both reasonably healthy. Enough said.

We're in love with each other after 7 years of marriage and still LIKE each other, too.

Mostly, though, we serve a great big God who has redeemed us through His Son, Jesus and has filled us with the Holy Spirit.

Yep, life is simply wonderful.

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