Thursday, March 4, 2010

From My Friend Wally, a WW2 Vet

I received this today from my friend, Wally, in the NW who is an 83 year old veteran of World War Two. He has seen history unfold first hand. Please read and then consider the action you must take to save our Nation. We must derail this health care train wreck.

March 4, 2010

Dear concerned friends & family members,

It was necessary to see my family physician because of a re-occurring intestinal infection and was politely informed that the Doctor would no longer accept Medicare or Medicaid patients. She regretted the action saying she will see only those who pay cash up front considering the suspected Health Care Bill likely to be passed further restricting her practice. We have heard more Doctors are now following the same path because Medicare and Medicaid have drastically delayed payments to these Physicians. And people think this Tyrannical plan will reduce costs? NO it will help reduce the senior population that in itself could lessen the demands on all insurances. This is WWII Genocide folks, only the young and fit should survive, the elders must go. I for one do not have the cash therefore I should, for the Patriotic good of the country, commit suicide suggested by none other than VP Joe Biden in a speech a time ago. And here folks is the kicker, Those of you who remember history know that Hitler followed this exact same path to Dictatorship by shoving plan after plan onto the German citizens enough to begin country wide unrest, the exact excuse Hitler wanted to declare Marshall Law thereby installing himself as the supreme ruler. Mr. O is deliberately foisting this Bill on us so he can claim Marshall Law because of the most assuredly unrest (Tea Party people) and many other groups will bring to fore. Ask yourself this question, why is the Congressional Democrats so blatantly supporting this bill knowing full well they would be kicked out of office in the fall elections? They do so because they must know something and that has to be the declaration of Marshall Law that would stop all elections for as long as Mr. O chooses. I hope I am dead wrong in this analysis but, having seen it in Germany and the USSR, it can happen here... Beware Folks!! Freedom is on the brink of being lost for ever.

Come Lord Jesus!


Wally is a trusted friend of mine. He is a hero. You can take his word to the bank. This email also resonated with me because I am in the same situation. I am on Medicare right now until I find a job. We had to drop our COBRA because we could not afford it. Tony is eligible for student insurance at the seminary, but being on Medicare was the only way I could get insurance. I am, too, am having problems finding and keeping doctors because of the Medicare situation. There is a possibility that I will not be able to have the surgery I am due to have on Wednesday of next week because of the billing issue. I will find out on Monday when I go have my pre-op exam.

Please, please please contact your elected officials and ask them to please block this legislation. To be honest, I fear for Wally's life...and my own... if it passes into law and is unable to be repealed quickly enough, if at all. I want to continue to roll along.


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