Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coming up for air

My Goodness! It's been a while.

Right after my last post in July, I was hired by Freedomworks, the national sponsor of the 912 March (check out My job was to manage the 400 people who signed up to volunteer for the March as marshals, runners, gophers, medics, etc. To say the least, I've been a little busy. :) My last day there was towards the end of September and I have been either sleeping, doing housework, writing thank you notes, interviewing or just plain staring off into space. Oh, and let's not forget TETRIS.

At any rate, it has been quite the ride over the last three months. I probably should have sold tickets and would have if I had known at the outset how things were going to be. I wouldn't have traded one single second of it. Not one. Not for anything.

It all started quite innocently, as most things of consequence do. I heard about the March, that it was going to be in DC and that they needed help. So, I went a step beyond filling out the on line information. I called the Freedomworks office and spoke to Nan. She asked me to come in and meet with her and a guy named Brendan. So, a few days later, I did. I told them that since I was in the area I wanted to be involved in any way I could be useful. When they found out that I had experience with managing volunteers and logistics, I saw a look pass between the two of them and a "Eureka" sense sort of flashed through the air. That was a Thursday. I moved into my office that same afternoon, took the next day (Friday) to get things in place here at the house, and then on Monday, Lucy and I hit the ground running.

The first decision: what to call me. I was too old, technically, to be an intern so they settled on the title of Fellow. I liked it. Tony told me not to call myself a "good fellow" for obvious reasons. Sheltered little me had to have it explained to her. Sigh. If you're as clueless as I was, check out the Godfather movies. Things should be pretty clear after that.

I went around chirping, "I'm gonna be a FELLA!" I'm sure the whole office wondered exactly who had taken up residence in the office down the hall. My little dog and I fit in quickly and pretty seamlessly with the rest of the team. In spite of my wackiness, they couldn't have been more welcoming.

Then came the baptism by cyber fire. For the first few days, we just couldn't seem to get my internet access going so I could communicate with the rest of the office. It's apparently a rite of passage for all newcomers at FW.

All finally synced and the work piled on. Not only was I fielding volunteers, I was helping people find out how to arrange transportation from their area and such things. I met some of the coolest people.

You know what? It's time for The Amazing Race. The rest of the story will just have to wait until later.

Roll on.


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